Cycle2U makes contracting simple and advantageous for you, which was impractical in the past for some bike organizations. We have organized an immeasurable armada of the bikes to give on rent to various gatherings of individuals. The organization gives the vehicle office for the procurement of bikes on contract to the clients and charge a little cost for the procurement of these bikes on contract. The procuring of the bike is of an alternate nature as the clients can get bikes for enlisting for a couple of hours or a couple of days and months.

Discounts for Students & Groups

At Cycle2U students will be treated special and offered extra discount The Company has presented the discount rates for the students to hire bikes of the company. For getting the facility the students have to present their student cards at the time of hire. We also offer a discount for a group of people, which can be catered for them on easier terms and conditions. For group booking please contact in advance so we can get the bikes ready to go     


We offer a student discount for those with valid student cards. You can hire a bike for anything from a few hours to a whole academic year.  Groups If you are looking to hire some bikes for a large group of people we can deliver them to you to make life a bit easier. It’s always best to contact us as far in advance as you can so we can have them ready for you. An example of our prices are as follows:
Hire Period
ATB/Hybrid Rate
Student/Group Rate
1-Hour £5.00 £4.00
5-Hour £20.00 £17.00
1-Day(24-Hours) £35.00 £30.00
1-Week £120.00 £100.00
We can offer all types and size of hire bikes according to your requirement. Please call us before making your journey to make sure we have the correct size and type available for you. We have a variety of Locks, different size helmets, lights and other safety types of equipment for hire at minimal extra cost. Note: We do require full payment of Bicycle before leaving the shop premises as a fully refundable deposit. Please read here for the full  Terms and Conditions for cycle hire.

Terms and Conditions of Hiring of Bikes

The people will discover different sorts and sizes of bicycles and they can pick bikes as per their own prerequisites. The customers ought to reach the organization before going to so that their required bicycles can be made accessible for them. They might specify the size and sort of bicycles. The organization gives them embellishments like locks; lights, distinctive size head protectors, and other security types of gear for the contract, and the organization will charge a somewhat additional expense for their procuring.
  • We will charge £2.00 administration cost which will cover the admin cost of the contract letter signature. Renting a person would need to sign the contract before taking the bicycles out of the shop.
  • Every person who wants to rent a bicycle will leave his/her ID photocopy or original.
  • We will take the full price amount of the bicycle then return the remaining payment after deducting the rent.
  • In any case, we will only rent bicycles which are available for rent. If all the rent fleet is on rent; the express authority of the supervisor will be needed before any other bicycle can be given on rent.
  • We will service the rented bicycle as per requirement after each rental period.
Visual checks would be done after each hire period this will include the following:
  • Tyre check for skating or harsh breaks
  • Wheel check for damage or buckle.
  • Visual check of the frame for any damage or dent.
  • Bicycle cleaning condition check.
  • Headset check for any movement.
  • A last visual check before accepting back the bicycle from the customer.
The above prices are for any ATB/MTB for the replacement value of £120 and any bicycle over and above value will be subject to higher rental charges accordingly;
Bicycles value from £120 to £250:
Hire Period   
ATB/Hybrid Rate
Student/Group Rate
1-Hour £10.00 £8.00
4-Hour £30.00 £25.00
1-Day £45.00 £40.00
1-Week £150.00  £125.00
Bicycle value from £250 to £400 will be charged accordingly:
Hire Period   
ATB/Hybrid Rate
Student/Group Rate
1-Hour £15.00 £13.00
4-Hour £50.00 £40.00
1-Day £60.00 £50.00
1-Week            £175.00           £150.00
 Any bicycle above the value of £400 will need special permission and rates confirmation from the Manager before offering to the customer.
Process of renting a bike:
Renting a bike is simple with Chelsea bikes. The client has to sign the contract letter and pay the fee, and then he is allowed to take the bicycle out of the store. The client has to provide photocopies or original ID cards when he receives a bicycle for rent. At the time of giving the bike on rent, the company will receive the full price of the bicycle. When the customer hands over the rented out bike back to the company, then the company will deduct the rent amount from the whole price of the bicycle and returns back the remaining amount to the customer. Bikes are fully serviced and ready to hit the road, a puncture is not covered in rent price. The company does the visual check of the bicycles of their tyre for skating or application of harsh brakes. The wheels of the bike check for any damage or frame for any dent or damage and also check the cleaning condition of the bicycle. The checking of the headset for any movement and the last visual check of the bicycle is carried out when it is received from the customers. The customers can enjoy the long ride on these bicycles and do their tasks in replace of the least cost.