About Cycles2U

Cycles2U (Online bike shop in London) is a platform to meet all your cycling needs from bicycles to a tiny screw to make your cycling experience astounding. This is a web store to accommodate the needs of online buyers. We already have 4 cycle shops operating in London at different locations. Our store Camden Cycles situated in heart of Camden Town has been serving the cycling community for over 20 years. We also have Chelsea Bikes, Station Cycles, and Edgware Cycles to meet your cycling requirements of sales and services at a close radius to you.

At Cycle2u you will be getting a chance to examine/test ride the bicycles and other products you buy. Our stores are covering most of London within a close radius and you can visit our store to check our products before you buy them. We also provide assembling services and a free one-month servicing warranty at our Store. (Cycle shop near me | Bike shop in London)


At our bike shop in London, we deal in brand new and second hand bikes in all types such as hybrid, mountain, road, racing, kids, electric, gravel, tricycle, folding, Dutch, vintage, classic, single-speed, and touring bikes in several brands such as Specialized, Giant, Trek, Scott, Bianchi, Cannondale, Pashley, Brompton, Ridgeback, Dawes, Genesis, Raleigh, BikeSport, Coyote, Falcon, Rayon, Romet, Ryedale, Shockblaze, Sprint, Squish, Tern, Tiger, Viking, Chelsea Club, Bobbin, Claudbutler, Probike, Forme, Saracen, Cuda.


Cycle2u you will be getting a chance to examine/test ride the bicycles and other products you buy. Our bicycle shops are covering most of London within a close radius. You can visit our bicycle shops near you to check our products before you buy them. We also provide assembling services and a free one-month servicing warranty at our bike shop. Cycle2U has a wide range of kid’s bikes available in all sizes and colors. Also do specialize in classic/heritage bikes that are most favorite of city bike riders.


At our bicycle shops, we offer customer support Mon-Sat 9 am -7 pm to respond to all your inquiries. Our customer support with a good knowledge of the cycling industry can listen, understand, and provide you the best solutions to meet your requirements. You can contact us via Call, Email, or just by using the Chat facility from our website to guarantee a prompt reply. We always aim to provide you with the best service possible when answering your questions. Cycle shop near me | bike shop near me | bicycle shop | bicycle shop near me | bike shop in London

Commitment to Customers

The company has a strong commitment to customers to providing the best products in second-hand bicycles, cheap second-hand bikes in London, and its spare parts. Cycles2U has set up its green bike shops with service centers in London. The company has experienced professionals and sound technical staff for assurance of the high quality of service in sales and repairs bicycles. Its aim to save resources and care to customers by providing satisfaction with the best rates for new or used bicycles and its services. (Cycle shop near me)

Internet Bikes and Internet Prices

This what you would get if you buy any bike online “A Box with bits and pieces”

  • Almost all bicycle manufacturers are agreed that there would not be any manufacturer warranty if e bicycle is sold in a flat-packed box and been put together by a nonprofessional.
  • Normally internet suppliers can’t do the first tweak/service which is an absolute necessity.
  • If the bike comes damaged or any part seems faulty or bends then normally it takes a good 4 to 6 weeks to get the right one back.
  • Normally very poor customer services by online suppliers.

So, all in all, buying a little cheaper bike online means:

  • No manufacturer warranty
  • Long wait if anything goes wrong
  • No after-sale services
  • A proper professional bicycle shop would charge you a minimum of £35 to put your bicycle together from a box

This is what we sell in a shop a machine called a BICYCLE:

Ask yourself which is more likely to sell a quality, reliable, well set-up bike: A local bike shop that you could take it straight back to if you were dissatisfied in any way or a business with a web site as the middle man and hundreds of miles between you and them?

Don’t get us wrong, you can buy excellent value quality bikes online and some bike shops can rip you off. But you cannot buy a new/secondhand bike of any quality for silly money. You get what you pay for.